Kung Fu Training Regime
At Sojourn Past Martial Arts Institute we make sure that our students successfully combine a rigorous exercise program with the principles underlying the kung fu form.

The purpose of our training regime is to lead each student to a deeper understanding of the basic principles of kung fu and to apply these principles in the practice of the form.
The training is carefully structured.
During the first hour of a kung fu class we start with flexibility exercises. We continue with exercises that increase physical stamina and conditioning. Finally, the training focuses on aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

Each exercise is designed to boost physical stamina and flexibility and always incorporates one or two main concepts of kung fu.
During the second hour of a kung fu class, students practice light sparring in teams of two. This is an opportunity to apply the principles practiced during the first hour.

When students start practicing the form, they already have a basic understanding how the form flows as they have prepared body and mind for the basic principles of kung fu: float, sink, swallow, spit.

The overall goal of each training session is to refine one's physical posture and to deepen one's conceptual grasp of the principles underlying the form.

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